Director's Message:
Rani Damele (Anju)

Dear Academic Members,

With the changing global scenario vis-à-vis liberalization, privatization and globalization, there is an urgent need to accelerate our activities. At SAI, we firmly believe that our creativity, Inattentiveness and vital education build a nation. In this extremely volatile and competitive world environment, SAI envisages the creation of a new breed of global creatives who strive for a better and more enlightened society.

At SAI, we aim to equip the students with essential cognitive skills and core concepts so as to inculcate in them- positive attitude, teamwork and leadership.

I also would like to thanks to Mr. Arun Damele (Husband), Mr. Narayan Prashad, Mr. Sharad Trivedi (SDO in Doordarshan, Bhopal), Rajendra Rawat (President), Mr. Pankaj Rawat (Vise-President), Mr. Swapnil Gupta for their support and inspiration.

With this futuristic vision, I wish all the very best for the future.